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Brand New Car Warranty | Vehicle Warranty 411

Brand New Car Warranty

brand new car warranty

Advantages of Buying a New Car

What are the advantages of buying a new rather than a used car?

People purchase cars for many different reasons. There are some huge advantages to buying new opposed to buying a car that has been previously owned.

One of the biggest advantages is that you will be able to choose from the very latest models with all the latest technical innovations and safety features. Car manufacturers launch their new models each year to keep abreast of current and emerging trends in the world of motoring and meeting owner demands-which is great for people who love techy gadgets!

Another strong reason people choose to buy new is the assurance that the car has not been driven poorly by a previous owner. Although you can read the mileage clock on a used car to see how many miles the car has been driven, this will not tell you how it has been driven. It may be possible to take a guess, for example if the previous owner was a lady there is a probability that the car has been driven carefully-but this cannot be guaranteed. However if a car has been owned by a younger person research has shown that the car may have been subjected to massive over revving, crunching up and down through the gear box and excessive braking. If this type of mis-driving has taken place the engine and parts may have excessive wear and tear.

As each person drives in a different manner there is also no way of telling whether which part of the engine system may have been treated to excessive misuse. When you buy a brand new car none of these points are not an issue. You will know that no one else will have driven the car. The moment you look at the clock and see that it only has a few manufacture and delivery miles showing can provide a great feeling of satisfaction. It is for this advantage alone many people choose to buy a new rather than used car.

A new vehicle will come with a manufacture’s warranty. Usually this is for three years, but can vary between manufactures-so it is worth checking. It is also worth checking or asking at the showroom if there are any exclusions included in the warranty.

A great advantage when buying new is that you can choose the colour and extras such has having alloy wheels fitted if they do not come as standard. The sales person may also advise having special paint protection applied before you take receipt of the car. The protection is worth giving consideration to if the car is going to be driven predominately on motorways-as it will help reduce chips and marks.

Extra upholstery protection may also be offered. This is great if you intend to only keep the car for a relatively short time, as it will help prevent marking and stains. It can also help the car’s interior to retain its new look and freshness for a much longer period.

These are just a few advantages of buying brand new cars rather than one that has been previously owned.

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