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Car Warranty Cost

car warranty cost

About The Various Used Hybrid Car Options

Given the current proliferation of new and used hybrid cars in the market, some industry experts predict that in the near future hybrid automobiles could conceivably replace gasoline-powered cars. Hybrid vehicles combine the best of the powerful internal combustion engine that has been powering our vehicles for the past century along with the clean renewable energy of a battery-powered electric motor. Hybrid vehicles are therefore cheaper to operate than traditional vehicles. The savings in gasoline alone can equal thousands of dollars a year. Using less gasoline has positive impacts on the environment as well, resulting in less oxygen-depleting exhaust emissions.A dealer of airport car rental who also knew much about Japan car imports and cheap cars from Japanese car auctions provided the useful info.

While the cost of purchasing a new hybrid vehicle can be prohibitively expensive, many consumers now have the option of purchasing used hybrid cars, which are more affordable and attractive to a wider base of drivers. Since car manufacturers have been mass-producing hybrids for several years now, there are many buying options for prospective used hybrid car buyers.

Used Hybrid Car Warranty Options
The first thing to look for in purchasing used hybrid cars is the warranty. There are several warranty options for used hybrid cars. In many cases, used car lots offer warranties on the vehicles they sell to the public. These warranties are based on the history of the car as well as its current mechanical condition. Another option for used hybrid car warranties is to buy your own warranty from a secondary company specializing in underwriting independent warranties. These warranties are not cheap, by any means, but a relatively low monthly payment can ensure that car owners are not stuck laying out thousands of dollars for a new transmission or engine.

Finally, most car manufacturers offer extensive warranties on their vehicles, and in most cases these warranties are transferable, making them a viable option for many used hybrid car owners. In some states, these warranties are subsidized in order to encourage the purchase of used hybrid automobiles.

Of particular concern for many used hybrid buyers are the expensive rechargeable batteries that power the electric motors. The industry standard for states that subsidize used hybrid car warranty options is a 10-year/ 100,000 mile transferable warranty. Even in states that do not subsidize hybrid car warranties, car manufacturers guarantee the electric motors and the batteries that power them for up to 8 years /80,000 miles.

Where To Find Used Hybrid Car Sales
Unless you live in California where there seems to be a hybrid automobile dealer on every block, the best option for most looking for used hybrid cars is to search one of the various online search engines to find listings in your area. Kelly Blue Book has been recognized as determining the industry standard for what used cars, including hybrids, are worth.

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