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Extended Warranty Auto Monthly Payments | Vehicle Warranty 411

Extended Warranty Auto Monthly Payments

Auto Dealer Options To Avoid

Most anyone who has purchased a new car has found themselves in this situation: You spend hours haggling with the salesperson and sales manager to get the price of the car somewhat close to what you were looking to pay. Maybe you’ve managed to get the payments close to what you wanted and you’re satisfied enough to sign on the dotted line and agree to the deal.

When you walk out of the finance department, your $425 monthly payment is now $482. What happened?! What happened is that you went into the finance department just to sign some papers and you got sold. Sometimes the greatest profit for an automobile dealership comes from the items the finance person sells you on the “back end”. Unfortunately, most of these items are expensive, provide little purpose and do nothing to increase the value of your car.

Some of these unnecessary items include:

Undercoating – Contrary to popular belief, this is NOT rustproofing! Most cars shipped these days already have that from the manufacturer. You are purchasing “sound deadening” spray. The price ranges from several hundred up to a thousand dollars. It does nothing to inhibit rust!

Fabric Protectant – You can pay up to several hundred dollars for this. Do yourself a favor. Decline this and go buy a can or two of fabric protectant from an auto parts store. Follow the directions and the protection to your fabric will be as good or better than what you would pay for from a dealership.

Extended Warranties – You may want to consider this if the car you are buying is pre-owned, but read the fine print! Often times the items that are covered are not likely to wear out, and there could be deductibles and shipping charges for parts that would make the contract virtually worthless. On a side note, if you do purchase these warranties and you sell or total your car, be sure to apply for a pro-rated refund!

The bottom line here is to keep your wits about you when in the finance department. Stay firm and don’t get talked into anything!

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