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High Mileage Car Warranty | Vehicle Warranty 411

High Mileage Car Warranty

high mileage car warranty

Finding The Best Used Hybrid Car Prices

Hybrid cars are cool and attractive options for many people. Hybrid vehicles have both a gasoline-powered internal combustion engine along with one or several battery-powered electric motors. Buying hybrids at used car prices are enticing for those who want to save the environment and save a buck all in one fell swoop.A dealer of car rental Auckland who also delt with Japanese car imports and cheap cars from Japan car auctions provided the useful info.

Hybrid cars achieve at least twice the mileage of their non-hybrid counterparts. As more hybrid cars enter the market, the prices of used hybrid cars are dramatically decreasing. Now people who cannot afford the high prices of new cars can buy affordable used cars from a variety of sources.

Used Hybrid Car Warranty Options
Some prospective buyers might fear what is still sometimes perceived as untested technology. They also are afraid that when repairs are necessary for their used hybrid cars, prices for labor and parts would be prohibitive.

Included in the price of many used hybrid cars, however, are robust warranties that protect expensive-to-repair parts. Ford, for instance, guarantees the hybrid batteries of their vehicles for ten years—and the warranty is transferable. Since many hybrid cars operate solely on battery power above 25 miles an hour, the wear and tear on the gasoline engine is low… as long as you are not stomping on the gas pedal whenever you get a chance. With the 10-year/ 100,000 mile warranty, prices of used hybrid car repairs can actually be much lower than the cost of routine maintenance for a standard car.

How To Research Used Hybrid Car Prices
If you think that you might be interested in purchasing a used hybrid car, you can check prices at a variety of online websites. Kelly Blue Book (www.kbb.com) not only allows you to check industry averages of used hybrid car prices, but also brings up lists of used hybrid cars according to the price range input in the search engine.

Edmunds (www.edmunds.com) is another site that features both buying guides and price lists for used hybrid cars. Edmunds features both consumer and editor ratings of al their vehicles, as well as honest pros and cons of each individual vehicle.

A Final Tip on Used Hybrid Car Prices
Before making the decision to purchase a used hybrid car at an attractive price, smart buyers should also factor in the federal and state tax credits they can receive for buying new hybrid vehicles. The tax code currently stipulates that these credits, which can exceed $4,000, can only be applied to new vehicle purchases, not used car purchases. In some cases, the price of a used hybrid car might be more expensive than a new one, so make sure you check up on the current tax credits available.

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