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Hybrid Motor Parts and Preventive Maintenance

The performance of most cars is calibrated according a particular kind of terrain, sometimes even level ground. The maintenance required is also estimated by the same method as not all of us use the same type of terrain, your car may need a little more or a little less maintenance. Preventative maintenance is hence the best way to keep your car in good shape and make it last longer. Since the structure of a hybrid car is fairly complex compared to a regular car, only trained personnel should work on certain components, such as the power train. However, basic maintenance similar to that performed on standard cars, such as changing the oil, can still be done by you.

The basic parts of any hybrid car will include the battery pack, internal combustion engine, automated clutch, electric machine, a second automated clutch, motor winding equipment, drives, etc. As hybrids have two engines, one will run with gasoline and another on electricity, it will also have two sets of drives. Along with all this, it will need a control unit that will switch the car from gasoline drive to electric drive whenever the conditions are right.

The electric parts of the car will also include indicators on the dashboard that note the battery charge and fuel levels, along with the other usual parameters. All these parts will need checking and maintenance to some degree. However, hybrid batteries will last very long and typically need no maintenance. In fact, they’re usually covered under an 8 year warranty, which should keep you worry free, as the battery is generally the most expensive part in the hybrid car. An extended warranty is also something one can go for as it helps you save a lot if something should go wrong with your car beyond the first 8 years.

Servicing should be done as instructed by the manufacturer which includes replacing oil, cleaning air filters, etc. Clean air filters increase the fuel efficiency and the performance of your car. As the ultimate purpose of the hybrid car is to save fuel and reduce emissions, keeping the car in top condition will help achieve your goal. The first parts that come with the factory packaging will be replaced as per the manufacturer’s directions during the servicing. Most of them need replacement after a certain number of miles. The initial few replacements may be covered under warranty but these parts don’t cost much unlike the hybrid car battery.

The hybrid car also has a generator which makes use of braking energy to charge the battery. The drive train of a hybrid car, including the hybrid car motor, needs a lot of expertise for repairing or replacing in general. It is best to go to an authorized dealer with your car than the local auto repair shop as there is a chance they can damage it further. Buying a hybrid car is the least you can do for the environment and by keeping it in good condition will not only help the performance but will also increase its lifespan. A well kept car will also fetch more in the used car market.

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