Reputable Extended Car Warranty Companies

Extended Warranty Companies – How To Select The Right One

Extended warranty companies, to state the obvious, must be trustworthy and financially stable. You must know that you are not falling for a scam and that the car warranty companies will be there to back you when you need their support.

To select the one, begin by having selection criteria. Make a list of all reputed companies and then checkout their websites. See if the company has a privacy policy. For example, some companies mention their privacy policy in the website itself in no ambiguous terms. You can be sure where you stand with the company. See how helpful the vehicle warranty companies you are looking at are. They should give you a free quote based on the details provided by you, so you know upfront what you can expect from the company. Check the financial background of the companies you have short-listed. You can get their ratings from places like Standard and Poor’s based on this you can gauge how fit the company is financially. If the company is not in a financially stable condition, you cannot rely on them to honor the warranty later. It is better to invest carefully beforehand than to regret later.

Some companies try to wriggle out of paying money by making excuses that the contract does not cover the repairs you have done to your vehicle. It may hence be wise to take a proper look at the contract in advance. Get your vehicle appraised. Find out testimonials of the people who own a car of the same model as yours. From their experience you will be able to assess the potential repairs your vehicle will need. Extended warranty will either be the manufacturer or a separate warranty company. In either case, do not trust blindly. Get a second-opinion before you make your choice.

There are also a few companies that make phony calls claiming that your warranty has expired and it is time for you to renew. Do not fall for such cheats; they are only trying to swindle you out of your money. You should know the dates of your warranty and if you are careful, they will not be able to fool you. Other deceitful extended warranty companies try to entice you with offers

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A service contract is a promise to perform (or pay for) certain repairs or services. Sometimes called an “extended warranty,” a service contract is not a warranty as defined by federal law. A service contract may be arranged at any time and always costs extra; a warranty comes with ONLY a new car and is included in the original price. A vehicle service contract used to be referred to as an “Extended Auto Warranty.” The separate and additional cost distinguishes a service contract from a warranty: Get Your 100% RISK-FREE QUOTE TODAY

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