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Warranty Corvette Extended

Lambo Doors

As the aftermarket industry has grown in the last few years it has become very difficult for most of us to make our vehicle stand out from the rest of others. Lambo doors or suicide doors have been appeared and reappeared over the years in the aftermarket world.

Lamboverticaldoors.com provides you huge variety of lambo doors and vertical doors including the top of the line lambo doors or cheap lambo doors. The lambo door is the name given to vertical doors. These allow you to open your car vertically and usually come in a kit.

Lambo doors system is a universal fitted hinge system that can convert your car doors to open up in lambo style. These doors aren’t actually replaced on the door hinge; therefore the car doors open vertically instead of the standard outward opening.

Many of us can do anything to enhance our car as we can change their doors with lambo doors. They are the car doors that open vertically and always regarded as luxurious. With these lambo doors people also need to buy lambo door kit. These lambo door kits include the special hinges and bolts as the door differs significantly from the way the normal doors open.  A complete lambo door kit contains door hinges and gas shocks also. These lambo doors can be opened in various degrees, ranging from 70 to 120 degrees.

If you will install a pair of lambo doors to your car then your car can get a new enhanced look. These doors can make your car stand out from the crowd.

Generally there are two main types of lambo doors differ according to their method of installation classified as bolted doors and welded doors. The bolted doors are very popular as they are easiest to install.

But remember one thing that you may have noticed in many cars also that only the front two doors of a car can be converted to lambo doors. The rear two doors can’t be converted to lambo doors.

We offer you legion of lambo door kits including 97-04 Corvette C5 Bolt-on Lambo Door Kit, 90 Degree Universal Lambo Door Kit, 99-04 Mustang Bolt-on Lambo Door Kit, 91-96 Caprice/Impala Bolt-on Lambo Door Kit and many others at very reasonable prices.

 97-04 Corvette C5 Bolt-on Lambo Door Kit includes pair of lambo door kit, a pair of heavy duty gas shocks, all installation hardware, extended wiring harness. And it doesn’t need any cutting, welding, drilling and painting and doesn’t provide any leaking, the doors will close and seal like factory. These are lifetime warranty on kit and 6 months warranty on shocks.

05-UP 300/300C/300M Bolt-on Lambo Door Kit includes pair of lambo door kit, a pair of heavy duty gas shocks, extended wiring harness when applicable,. It has also complete reversible installation.

So if you want to give a new look to your car you can choose fantastic lambo doors at lamboverticaldoors.com as we provide you a varied range of  improbable lambo doors kits that make your car attractive and unique.


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